Dried Wheat & Pine Cone Decorations

Dried Wheat & Pine Cones can make some of the best fall and Halloween decorations.  It can be used in vases or put in corners.  It makes great porch decorations for people that want to decorate for both Halloween and thanksgiving.  You can also use dried wheat decorations as wheat centerpieces for fall weddings and for fall events. Also try mini straw bales for a country decoration look.

You can mix it with avena, oats, cattails or a number of other things to create the perfect bouqet for you.  I really like using it to make table decorations.  All you have to do is get a wheat bundle tied with raffia or your favorite color ribbon and twist the bundle so that the bottom fans out.  This makes the bundle have a great base and it can stand on it’s own.  This is true of any bundles over 1lb in weight.

Try dried wheat or Pine Cones and for your event and I’m sure you will be impressed how fancy and professional it can look.  It does not wilt or die like flowers would either.  It can last for years in a dry climate.  All you have to do is clean it once in a while if dust accumulates on your dried wheat.

Good luck and send me any pictures you have of your events and what you use your wheat and PineCones for.

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