Buy Tumbleweeds Online

Selling tumbleweeds to the public has become a full time job for me.  We ship them all over the world.  They have been in movies, plays, theater productions, and plenty of high end parties.  They are great and nothing says cowboys and the west better than a tumbleweed rolling across the stage at the moment when the gun slingers are about to draw.  If you love tumbleweeds as much as I do you will want to check out these other sites that have videos and information about them.

Buy Tumbleweeds – Great site with a tumbleweed whirlwind video

Tumbleweeds for Sale – See the tumbleweed storm video

If you like these tumbleweed videos leave a comment


Dried Pampas Grass

I’ve been working hard on websites here lately and yesterday was all about Pampas Grass.  Guess that is why I’m writing about it today because I was blurry eyed yesterday when I got done reading and writing about Pampas Grass all day long.  Don’t get me wrong I like Pampas Grass but if you only talk and write about it all day long you would start getting a headache as well. Here is what I did:

I created some new sites that are meant to rank well for each of their keywords.  I created Buy Pampas, Pampas Grass For Sale .com, Dried Pampas Grass .com

My hope is that these pampas grass sites will do well and provide useful information for our customers.  They have unique content and should stay up-to-date easily.

For those of you who don’t know what Pampas grass is I’ll tell you.  It is a dried ornamental grass that is commonly planted in yards for decoration and to block noise or be a privacy barrier.  It is also used dried indoors as a great plant to decorate a corner with.  All you have to do is get some Pampas grass and put it a medium to large vase and just a little bit of arranging to make it look perfect and you are done.  Dried Pampas grass will look good for years.   If you would like to get some Pampas Grass you can look at it here.

Best of the Web Promo Codes

I do a lot of seo work and getting in directories is always part of that.  You have to pick through the good and the bad to find good direcotories that are worth submitting to and also paying for submission.  One of the best ones I always consider is Best of the Web (botw).

They have been around a long time and you can get 15% off of their submissions a couple times a year.  Their latest one was a promo code for 15% in May.  Just click here and enter MAYDAY at checkout here to get the discount.

Good luck and let me know if you find any other promo codes.

It is Snowing SEO Today (Boys tux, girl bows, girls dresses)

Here it is the 11th day of October and it is snowing outside.  This depresses me to feel fall ending and the long winter beginning again.  It seems like winter lasts from October to May here in Utah.  I need to move from this place because although I like to snowboard in the wonderful powder it makes for a lot of cold weather.  So, today I’m doing some SEO work for my other sites.

The first site is about Boy’s Tuxedos.  AngelHeadbands although it has mostley girly baby bows and instructions how to make baby bows.  They also have such things as boy’s tuxes and boy’s dress shoes.  The prices are great and they have a wide selection of boy’s formal dress wear.  I think they are some of the lowest price for brand new boy’s formal clothing if you eliminate ebay from the results.  So if we can get closer to the top of the rankings on that then I will sell them a lot more boy’s formal products along with baby girls dresses.

This Baby girl site has only been up a few months so I quite prood what I have been doing with it.  Lots of baby traffic and it looks nice as well.

Dried Wheat & Pine Cone Decorations

Dried Wheat & Pine Cones can make some of the best fall and Halloween decorations.  It can be used in vases or put in corners.  It makes great porch decorations for people that want to decorate for both Halloween and thanksgiving.  You can also use dried wheat decorations as wheat centerpieces for fall weddings and for fall events. Also try mini straw bales for a country decoration look.

You can mix it with avena, oats, cattails or a number of other things to create the perfect bouqet for you.  I really like using it to make table decorations.  All you have to do is get a wheat bundle tied with raffia or your favorite color ribbon and twist the bundle so that the bottom fans out.  This makes the bundle have a great base and it can stand on it’s own.  This is true of any bundles over 1lb in weight.

Try dried wheat or Pine Cones and for your event and I’m sure you will be impressed how fancy and professional it can look.  It does not wilt or die like flowers would either.  It can last for years in a dry climate.  All you have to do is clean it once in a while if dust accumulates on your dried wheat.

Good luck and send me any pictures you have of your events and what you use your wheat and PineCones for.

Google Shows Search Results, Search Amounts, and even Search Data.

Google Search Data
Long have many SEOs waited for the day that the biggest search company would show us what is going on under the hood. This week it happened. Google replaced their green bar graphs with actual numbers that show us what is going on. It would seem at first that the numbers are somewhat inflated (Possibly by a factor of two) but they are still numbers.

So much more helpful than the old bar graphs that did not give any indication of a keywords worth or traffic amount as compared to other keywords in different fields. This will free some of us SEOs from relying on wordtracker and keyword discovery for our data. It was often wrong and hard to judge when they have so little of the market to base their data off.

Now go out and give Google Keyword tool a try. Hopefully they will leave this data available for good.

Let us know what you think with a comment.

Free Photo Editing Software — Part 2

Free Photo Editing Software

Yes, the internet is one of the best places to find free stuff and free photo editing software is one of them. There are many photo editing software that have a free trial but if you are like me you get used to having the software and then the trial is up. Sometimes the trial ends while you are still working on a photo project. Now that is annoying. But thanks to the internet we have plenty of choices so if it says free trial the keep searching. Some of the best ones that I have used are listed below and yes they are all free from the following links.

Try Picasa in the Google Pack

Google Pack — The Google Pack comes with lots of free stuff for you computer including virus scanner, spyware scanner and of coarse Picasa a Free photo editing program. I really like Picasa because it keeps my photos organized and easy to find. This is a must have and one of the first things I install on a new computer.

The Gimp — It isn’t Photoshop but what else is? This photo editing software can do more than Picasa for editing but it does not organize your photos. One other nice benefit is it doesn’t come with the $700 price tag of Photoshop. So if you are like me you are looking for an alternative to that. It is free and does a good job on most projects.

Original Page about Free Photo Editing Software

Good luck to you and let me know if you have a favorite photo software that you want to share.

All you have to do is leave me a comment.

Buy Dried Poppy Pods

Poppy PodsMay things can make an floral arrangement good, some can even make them bad but Poppy Pods seem to work with most everything. Add poppy pods to wildlife scenes and get a realistic and wonderful arrangement. Paint poppy pods and make a western arrangement interesting and highlighted. Put dried poppy pods in floral bouquets to add texture and fullness. There are so many ways to use poppy pods they become a standard in floral decoration.


Here is a site you can Buy Dried Poppy Pods at. Good luck

Lasik Eye Surgery (Lasic, Laser, Lazer, Surgury)

Lasik Eye Surgery (Lasic, Laser, Lazer, Surgury)

Lasik eye surgery is fast becoming, if not already, the most common surgery performed in the United States. It has evolved from bladed treatments to injecting bubbles into the eye for a barrier. It is relatively safe and the results are quickly noticed by the patient, as many times they walk away from the procedure without heavy glasses or dry itchy contacts and are able to see.

I want to feature this on my blog as a new way to see your world differently and also as a great example of how technology creates jobs and changes current jobs. Ten years ago Laser Surgery like this was unheard of or experimental. Now it is main stream and very safe.

If you have been thinking about Lasik eye surgery like I have try this link. They have some of the best doctors around. My family have gone to them and are very happy with the results.

Click the link below to start your free screening by setting an appointment. They don’t pressure you, but they do give you all the facts you need to make up your mind.


Save the Tumbleweeds

Tumbleweeds are an enduring symbol of the west. Classic to any cowboy or ghost town movie or display these tumbling weeds have rolled their way into our hearts. These same tumbleweeds now have ever shrinking room to tumble. Development of land is a huge concern for many who enjoy these agile plants. The expanding and merging world is claiming the areas that tumbleweeds need to grow and flourish. This disappearing habitat is a huge threat to any species and needs to be averted. CuriousCountryCreations is one of the companies that is dedicated to keeping tumbleweeds around for years to come. They have set up a program where for each dollar donation they will spread tumbleweed seeds in areas of prime tumbleweed ground to help elevate the population. Together with their help we can help curb the loss of tumbleweeds in the west and restore the rolling desert again.

Here is a link where you can donate to Save the Tumbleweeds from

Wheat Bundles & Mini Hay Bales

I haven’t wrote a post on some of the projects I have been working on lately so here is an update. I’ve updated some products this week with images and content to look better. I also added a new products this that I’m testing to see if it has any appeal to people.

Wheat Bundles

I went through my site the other day and decided my images on the page were not appealing enough for the kind of things people are using my wheat bundles for so I found some new wheat images and I’m testing them to see if I get any better conversion rates. I also started up a Google Adwords campaign on some related wheat stalks keywords to see if I could find some traffic and which keywords are converting the best on my site. This will help test what keywords I want to optimize for in the future.

Mini Hay Bales

I also added a duplicate product to the catalog that will help in getting more traffic to the site from the different keyword Mini Hay Bales. They are a great product that people use for decorating for weddings, parties, and theater props. It seems many people search for mini hay bales wanting miniature straw bales. I’m trying to capitalize on that misunderstanding.

Rye Bundles

The new product I added this week was selling Rye Bundles. Rather than selling traditional Wheat Bundles I thought it would be nice for people to purchase and weave Rye stalks instead of wheat. They are longer and the heads are smaller with long hair like fibers. They will look really nice weaved.

Let me know what you think of my new ventures with a comment.

Free Digital Photo Album Software

Free Digital Photo Album Software

With the invention of digital camera my life got somewhat easier trying to find my photo negatives but was still struggling to organize everything until a few months ago when I found some good software to help. Picasa (FREE) and ACDsee (Paid service) are the programs that I now use to organize my photos.

They make find and browsing my album easier. They allow me to be as organized as I willing or able to be. Give them a try if you have digital photos. ACDsee is nicer and has more high level features but you can beat the free price of Picasa.

If you are looking for a good program to organize your digital photo album. Download Picasa below.

or with the Free Google Pack software (Picasa, Virus Scanner, Spyware Removal, Google Earth, Desktop Search).

Blockbuster New Release

Blockbuster New Release
Blockbuster video has just released a new service that will change the way we were forced to rent dvds and video games. It makes life so much more convenient I can’t believe it. I just get online anytime I hear from a friend about a good video I want to watch and add it to my play list. Then the movies come to me in the order I tell them to and boom my life just got that much easier. I don’t have to stop by the dvd store to pick up a movie and I don’t have to try to get it back on time either. They come to me and I throw them back in the mail whenever I’m done with them.

It is like the difference between going to the library and looking for hours for a movie versus just checking the mail for that movie I thought of a little while ago that I missed in the theater. It is also so nice not finding my mail box full of just bills. I actually want to get the mail now. Anyway I guess there are people that can still go about it the old way of going to the store and all but that was always such a hassle. You can still do that with this new system because with blockbuster online I can do both ways. That is always nice if I really want a new movie on a Friday then I can go exchange them by just popping into the local Blockbuster and exchanging them for what I’m in the mood for right then.

If you want to try out Blockbuster Online out for a couple weeks try this link.

Well let me know if you like Blockbuster Online as much as I do with a comment or email.

Blockbuster Superbowl Commercial

Blockbuster Superbowl Commercial

Gotta love the Superbowl for the football, gotta love it for the superbowl food and parties, but if those don’t move you then you gotta love the Superbowl Commercials.

One of my all time favorite internet commercial is the one with a rabbit, guinea pig, and a mouse in a pet shop right across the street from a Blockbuster Video Store. These three animals are acting some Blockbuster advertising that has told them that if they get a mouse they can get on Blockbuster Online and get videos sent directly to them in the pet store. The entertaining part is that they are not using a regular computer mouse. They have found a pet shop mouse that they are dragging and clicking incessantly to try to get online.

If you want to sign up now. Click this link below. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Where Is the Closest Blockbuster?

Where Is the Closest Blockbuster?

If you are still looking for that blockbuster close to you then you would really enjoy their new deliver to your door service.

We all have experienced standing in line or going to the movie store and staring at movies for hours trying to decide on a movie with everyone. This is where Blockbuster Online can save you from that. I was skeptical at first but it is the nicest thing in the world to have movies waiting for me when I get home from work. It is so nice not to get all bills and junk mail too. Gotta love that. Take the dvd out of the envelope and pop it in. Watch it and send it back the next day from your house.

We can get 9 movies a week doing their 3 dvd out at a time. That is 27 dvds a month for $17 if you don’t ever step foot in their store and exchange them which you can if you want to. Almost .50 cents a piece and you get them right to your door. Yeah! Save on gas too! I have two young kids so for us to just get them in the car is a challenge. That is a lot of movies if you want to push it and watch your movies every night or you can take your time and watch them when you want and they are about $1 a piece. So much better than renting from the store which you can visit and exchange your movies on the same plan.

Getting entertainment in the mail is the best thing that ever happened to our nights.
Hope you enjoy their service as much as I have. Let me know with a comment.

My T-mobile Phone

After all the fun I have had with My T-mobile Phone, check out this latest error I got from their My T-mobile website trying to pay my bill. I guess the My T-mobile website doesn’t exist. The T-mobile world seems to be crumbling down with their customer service.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out the previous posts: Tmobile part 1, T-mobile trouble part 2, T-mobile part 3.

My T-mobile Image

If you can’t read the words on the my t-mobile worthless website, let me read it for you.

“An unexpected error has occurred. We apologize for any inconvenience this site may have offered you. If you would like you can try to call in and talk to one of our representatives and get an answer to why our site is down. You should expect delays and long hold times, but you already know that. Don’t worry, our billing system is still up and running so any bills you were trying to pay online will just be marked late and charged our normal convenience fees. Please try again later as with all our normal cell phone services.”

Only part of it got cut off from the screenshot so hopefully that makes it easier to get their message.

Let me know how your T-mobile service has been. Have you had trouble with My T-mobile? Let me know with a comment.

T-mobile calls me back (5:00 am) — Part 3

Thanks for sending me more spam T-mobile. Here is my next tribute to the most annoying cell phone company in the world part 3.

If you have read my previous posts they have been nothing but trouble since the first of the year.
Tmobile part 1, T-mobile trouble part 2.

So, there I was getting some nice rem sleep and my T-mobile cell phone starts ringing crazily. I somehow swung my half asleep arm to get the phone only to be greeted by a rude T-mobile representative. He must have been half way around the world in some other country where it is the middle of the day not the middle of the night. He said he was making a follow up call to make sure that we were not getting any more of those annoying text messages saying our bill was due and that we were going to go to collections. I said “Do you know what time it is here?” He said no. I said “It is 5am in the morning here. Why are you calling me this early?” He said this was the only time T-mobile would let him make these calls. (Thanks T-mobile for having the only time to call your customers with your service 5:00am in the morning. Good luck with that methodology. Maybe you should call everyone while they are sleeping and see if it helps retention rates.)

I said we only got 8 of your false text messages after telling T-mobile to stop them and they seem to be continuing. I told him I was very skeptical that they were going to stop now because they have been replaced by annoying phone calls in the middle of the night. I then said to never call back and that I wanted to formally start a complaint against getting called so early. I know it is illegal for telemarketers to call between 9pm and 9am but I’m not sure about current customers. I’m really having a hard time understanding why they would call a customer that was having problems with their service in the middle of the night. All it does is give me more things to write about and find a new service to switch to.

Let me know your stories about your cell phone company with a comment.

Other articles that my help you understand why T-mobile is having so many problems. Hacker penetrates T-Mobile systems. Great article that tells about how lots of T-mobile customers’ data has been compromised and how the hacker could even spy on the government’s communications using T-mobile systems. Makes me feel good that my communications are safe and secure.

Purchase Tumbleweed

I did a search the other day on purchase tumbleweeds and my friend’s website came up. Funny thing is he just was making a comment about my website and happen to mention tumbleweeds and purchase in a paragraph and now he is ranking for those keywords. His site has nothing to do with tumbleweeds and yet he and other sites are ranked higher that other site that do talk about them. If you would like to purchase a tumbleweed go here and take ten percent off on me. Enter the coupon code “take10” at checkout.

We have been reading some things about Google having some trouble with bad results showing up and we are starting to see the results of the changes they have been making. Could be time for Yahoo to step in and take some of the market share again from Google. If Google does not fix their systems fast we could be reading about the big search 3 Google, Yahoo, MSN.

Checkout this tumbleweed video.

Tmobile not in myFaves five – cont.

This article is a continuation of my previous post about tmobile.

Tmobile Month two

We thought the problems would go away now that tmobile had run a payment with our credit card and it had gone through. After all, we had verified all our billing information and there is plenty of money in our account to cover a tmobile bill. No, they couldn’t handle getting paid I guess. March 2007 with tmobile turned out to be much worse than February.

Seven days after calling and making the February payment actually go through we started getting the text messages again. We had been promised by 4+ tmobile representatives that these would stop and not happen again. The same things were said in these text messages about our account being closed and sent to collections. A great message to send to a long time customer that always pays their bills on time. So, we ignored the text message but we got another one in 3 days and an automated phone call followed by another automated phone call and of course a post card again. We called three times to make sure there was not a problem and got the same response from three tmobile representatives that our account was all in order and they had no idea why we were getting these messages. They also promised that they would stop contacting us about this, which never happened. This all happened before our bill/statement had even gotten to us in the mail to tell us what the current charges were.

I was annoyed to say the least with all this unwanted and completely unnecessary harassment. So, I called 3 days before the bill was due to get this resolved and cancel our automatic payments from our credit card so I would not have to deal with them anymore. I figured I could use automatic BillPay through my bank. I waited on hold like usual for at least 10 minutes only to find out after another 10 minutes of discussion that the tmobile computer systems were down and they did not expect them to be back up for 3 days. I was perturbed at tmobile for all this stupid harassment and for their incompetence in not understanding why this would even bother me.

The tmobile rep and all the previous tmobile reps told me that the messages were a convenience to let me know that something was wrong with my account, but every time I called up nothing was wrong with the automatic “EasyPay” information on my account, so it was really just harassment. She told me I would just have to call back on Monday when their systems were back up and basically wait on hold until then. I told her that I was fed up with tmobile and if they didn’t call me back I would cancel my service. This motivated her to do something for me. She said she could schedule a call in another system and someone would call me back on Monday. She made a note in that system and spent about five minutes typing it up before she read it back to me, to be sure I was satisfied with her explaination of the problem. Then she promised someone would call back on Monday.

Monday, the day the bill was due, came and went without any communication from tmobile. I guess they didn’t want my service because they certainly didn’t care that I was going to cancel. With all the other problems I was having with them I felt like being with tmobile for 5 years really didn’t matter anymore. I don’t really need to be a loyal customer of theirs; my contract is up and I can cancel anytime.

I forgot about tmobile for a few days (what a relief) and, not having received a text message or phone call saying that they never got a payment, I thought they had finally gotten their act together. I thought that until a week later when I was looking at my bank statement and didn’t see a charge from tmobile. I called them to see what was up.

After the customary 10 minute hold I talked to Eva. Eva was nice and I explained everything to her about why I was perturbed with tmobile right now. I said that I wanted a refund or partial refund for March for all my troubles with tmobile in the last 2 months. She said she didn’t have the ability to do that and that there was nothing she could do. So I asked what she could do for all this trouble tmobile has caused my family. She said she could give me 50 bonus minutes on my next month and that was it. I said “Okay, then I would like to talk to someone who can do something more or I plan on canceling my service because I already have more minutes than I use included in my plan.” She said she would get someone and put me on hold for 5 minutes.

Then Josh came on the line. Josh is an accounts specialist. The first thing he said to me was: “So, you want to cancel your service with tmobile right?” I said “No, but I would like to be refunded for my trouble in calling and dealing with tmobile in the last couple months.” I had to tell him everything that had happened again and he said that he could give me 50 bonus minutes for my inconvenience. I said that I would like to have a refund for the last months bill. He said I would have to meet him half way. So, I said that would be fine. I would accept half of last months bill. He said he couldn’t do that because of the nature of the situation. I asked him more about that and found out they didn’ t have any records that my wife or I had ever called in to complain or ask that the messages be stopped, or that we had even tried to remedy the automatic payment problem by responding to the text messages and phone calls. They didn’t even have any records of the phone calls or postcards being sent by tmobile to collect money. It was like he was telling me that I had imagined this lie and that I was trying to get out of my bill with it. I countered with the argument that they did have records. All we would have to do is look through my tmobile statement and find all the calls to 611 (tmobile customer service) in the last couple months. “It is all on my bill,” I told him, but he still didn’t listen so I asked to talk to his supervisor.

Janelle, Rep ID#0599742, was one of the worst customer service people I have ever talked to. She interrupted me so much I couldn’t even talk. I’m surprised she didn’t just tell me to leave tmobile and go find someone else to make stories up about. She let me tell my story but would not give an inch about a refund for service. She said she would give me a $5 “inconvenience credit” off my next bill or a month free if I signed a contract to be with tmobile for the next few years. I told her “I don’t know if I want to be with you next week much less several years from now!” Surprised at everyone’s unwillingness to keep me as a customer, even though I’ve been a paying customer for years now, and their complete incompetence about the situation I finally just took the $5 off. I was tired of the whole situation after arguing with her for what seemed like hours about what the right thing to do was. I even told her that this post would be the first thing I would do to help the world know of my troubles with tmobile. I feel like I didn’t get all I wanted but they will get more than they bargained for if other customers have similar stories to tell. I know I’m one of the first with these troubles. I know I won’t be the last as long as they act like this towards their customers.

Total Stats and unwanted communication:

  • Automated phone calls 4
  • Postcards 2 (make that 3, we just got another one today April 9, 2007)
  • Text messages 8
  • Phone calls to tmobile customer service 8+
  • Hours spent (At least 4 hours on the phone alone)
  • Tmobile fault 100%

Tmobile’s total worth of keeping my business and understanding: $5.00

So, I thought it would be appropriate to join another cell phone referral program. I went to Verizon’s website and tried to sign up for their referral program but the page wouldn’t ever come up. So, I guess it isn’t about the Network. I guess you will have to try these Google Ads and maybe something better will come up for us both.

Let me know if you think it would be a good idea to drop Tmobile quick. What would you do? I would try the Better Business Bureau, but friend’s past experiences say that the BBB is really worthless in resolving anything.

If you are Tmobile you can consider this blog a giant text message in reply to all of your annoying messages. Call me, you have my number if you can find it in your system.

Tmobile not in myFaves five


I don’t know if cell phones really cause cancer but after the headache I have had with tmobile I feel a tumor coming on. “It’s not a tumor” — Arnold Swarchenegger

I can’t believe a company can still be in business and be so rude to their customers. I have been a Tmobile customer for almost five years now and never been late on a payment. Never gone over my minutes. Never had much trouble with Tmobile in any way except for one incident with a Motorola phone that they eventually replaced. Their phone service is nice but not great but it does what I need it to do most of the time and the rest of the time I can do without. So I would say I was a satisfied customer that had never thought to leaving and never really wanted to bother with leaving and finding another cell phone service until about two months ago.

Febuary 2007 I started getting messages that automatic payments to T-mobile were not working. First I got a message about seven days after I paid my last bill. It was twenty days before my next bill would be due, but I didn’t know that for sure because I haven’t even got the next bill yet. So, my wife called them and asked what was going on and they said “I don’t know why you got that message because everything is in order on our side. It shouldn’t be charging you until Febuary 26th”. They said that we wouldn’t get any more messages so don’t worry about it. Just a fluke thing they thought.

Three days later we got another text message stating that our credit card had failed and that if we did not update our information our account would be canceled and sent to collections. My wife called again asking what was going on with our account and they had no record or any such text messages being sent to our phone but it was a verified text message from tmobile so they don’t know how we got it. Told us not to worry about it and that we wouldn’t get another one. Well we did get another one, and another one telling us that we were basically in default on our bill and that if we didn’t act our service would be shut off and they would send us to collections. They also sent us during this 20 days before our bill was even due a postcard stating the same information about our account and we got two automated computer phone calls from Tmobile to update our information. We didn’t even have the bill yet and our account was as current as it could be without being prepaid.

During this time I called them three times and my wife called or talked to their systems 3 times. I called our credit card company and they said there were not problems on their side and they also stated there were no request made to their company either. So, I thought it was that tmobile had the wrong information. I called them on the last day of the billing cycle and asked if the payment had gone through and it hadn’t so we verified the information on my credit card and it was identical. The girl I talked to didn’t understand why this was happening to us but she tried without changing anything in their system to charge the credit card and it worked just fine without problems.

We thought this trouble was over because the card worked and we could get back to our lives instead of calling tmobile each night. It was great fun trying to get anything out of them except “We don’t know why you are getting those messages. Your never late on your payments.” We were being treated like we hadn’t paid our bill in months and we were on the verge of having our service revoked and being sent to collections and having our credit tainted.

Tomorrow I’ll tell the rest of the story and what they did about it. Month 2 of the Tmobile trouble.

Let me know with a comment if you have had trouble with your cell phone provider. Especially Tmobile